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Published: 28th August 2009
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Many companies do not receive the same benefits as others. Let us look at the cigar Industry, only 2% of radio audiences smoke cigars. In this case. Niche and small market companies need to make their existence known in other ways such as promotional gifts. Preferably, promotional gifts that make a statement such as a custom Zippo Lighter.

We have all received promotional gifts at one time or another. Pens, T-shirts, hats, gym bags - the catalogue continues on and on. But, how many of those items have really made a strong impression? And, if you are not going to make a lasting impression, do not trouble yourslef - have a company party instead.

Zippo history is one grounded deep in American culture. Started by George Blaidsdell in the 1930s, Zippo manufacturing company is doing as well as it ever has. During World War II Zippo haulted general production and concentrated all efforts on supplying the U.S. military with their wind resistant lighters. Vintage Zippos today are selling for thousand of dollars, keeping Zippos fervor glowing hotter than ever.

In addition to a superb history, Zippo lighters also come with a lifetime guarantee. Please take a minute and reflect on what that means. How many promotional gifts, stamped with your logo, have you handed out with a lifetime warranty? A lifetime warranty conveys excellence and people will appreciate and remember it.

Use a catchy jingle associated with Zippo to make a real impact on your marketing effort. Use a slogan like "Let us ignite your sales!" or "A classy gift for a classy client." Durability, quality and excellence identify Zippo, so the point is to fuse that in with your campaigns.

Giving a promotional gift is much like giving a gift to a friend or family member. People want to know, and they can tell, if you spent thought and effort in what you gave. If you are a company that advertises in this way, go at it with everything you have and make a statement. Whether it's a custom Zippo lighter or some other gift, the statement should say, "We are a quality company! You are important to us! And we want your business!"

Year after Year emplyedin aimless jobs, Zippo Lighter Fanatic began employment at the Tobacco Barn Cigar Lounge in beautiful Orange County CA at his brother-in-law's request.

Uplifted and renewed, he began to eagerly spread the word of his new hobbies through articles, blogs and video.

We are the Zippo Lighter Experts. Visit us at http://www.tobacco-barn.com/s-85-zippo-lighter.aspx for the largest selection of zippo lighters!

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